Fiorentini Engineering's organizational structure and its resources aim at implementing infrastructures and mobility services, expanding supplies and distribution in an environment-friendly way. These are necessary elements for the growing and the developing of every country in the world, as they facilitate interchanges.


Fiorentini Engineering is marketing precast concrete tanks, manifactured in Italy to a high standard, and complete of technical audits.

We are able to send tanks all over the world, also by sea, using top transport operators.

If you wish, we can provide you with technical audits according to the standards of your Country.


What makes us special?

Fiorentini Engineering owns specialized skills in the infrastructure branch, and works to design the elements and components of the area. According to people requests, we develop network and punctual infrastructures.


Why choose us?

 Our products have many pros:

    - Fast positioning

    - Installation sites kept clean

    - Setup in places lacking in concrete


Precast tanks are highly recommended where concrete casting in situ is not possible.

Particular activities

- Network infrastructures: civil and industrial engineering activities on a large scale for the execution of land works(bridges, underpasses, warehouses, etc.) and maritime works (cranes, docks, storehouses, etc.)

- Punctual infrastructures: basic engineering activities for the structural works of big buildings (administrative headquarters, hospitals, schools, banks, courthouses, etc.)