Fiorentini Engineering also offers surface tanks to be used as technical rooms in productive, industrial or construction sites. They can come with service doors and windows.

Size and type can vary according to requirements.

These are standard-size products, but they can be manifactured to measure in order to fulfil your request. Our tanks are designed for various applications, such as:

               - Waste water storage

               - Water collection tanks

               - Water tanks

We garantee the perfect hydraulic tightness of our tanks, with no need of waterproof treatments.

The products can also come with a cover plate, paved if you wish, complete with steel inspection openings and extraction pumps. We guarantee the tanks' seal, even in extreme conditions.

Our tanks are made with top quality concrete (materials checked periodically during production) reinforced with steel deformed bars, severely tested before use.

Fiorentini Engineering is marketing precast reservoirs for the storage of wine and oil, using specific treatmens on the inside walls of the tanks.