Water collection

Water is an essencial resource, that is why Fiorentini Engineering’s main goal is that everyone around the world may use it, by saving it at the perfect time: when it rains.


Water is precious and must be managed as an indispensable resource for mankind.

On the strength of its experience, and by studying and elaborating its technologies, Fiorentini Engineering realizes installations for the collection of rainwater, to be used in many different ways. In particular, we offer the marketing of precast tanks for the storage and reuse of rainwater.

These tanks, unlike similar reservoirs, are designed to face extreme working conditions and can be placed directly in ground, with no reinforcement casting needed.

 Installations are provided with elements we designed for the direct flowing of rainwater as well as prefilters, draft pumps and, on demand, systems for saving and reusing stored water.

We offer customized advice to find solutions for every different need.

Basin for rainwater collection

This elegant and neat stainless steel basin is made up of two separated elements, easy to handle and install, able to let rainwater flows into the collecting tanks. Patented utility model. 

For many years Fiorentini Engineering has been designing multipurpose precast concrete tanks to be placed in ground.